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Robyn Levy, founder and creator of TUSHY BRAND, Inc., a funky n fun fashion line for infants and toddlers, has combined her creative entrepreneurial talents and her passion for giving back to those in need. The measure of success for Robyn is that her unique products are created in a loving atmosphere, that not only provide fashion and comfort for customers, but also help for the community. For this reason, customers will not only be dressing their lil' ones looking cool and hip, but will help children in need. TUSHY BRAND, Inc. has partnered with the Valerie Fund, which supports comprehensive health-care services for children with cancer and blood disorders,and makes it possible for children in New Jersey, New York, and metro Philadelphia to get top-notch medical care and emotional support close to their homes and support systems.

"I have a deep passion to create unique, useful products and use them as a vehicle to give back to the world. My mission is to use my creativity in a way that will forever help better the lives of children. I want to be a strong model for my son. I want my son to grow up, always lending a helping hand, understanding the world around him. I want my son to become the best version of himself because I know he can make a difference in the world & I'm going to show him how!"

~ Robyn J. Levy



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